Snaps Crack Pop!
By John Foy
and Jim Paton

Utilising the rock posters of Skull Printworks and graphics of Red Eye and Black Eye Records, Snaps Crack Pop! documents the unusual career path of Australian designer and reluctant record executive John Foy. It’s a personal journal that traverses his experiences in the original ’70s punk era and in legendary record stores, trading ’60s psychedelic posters, as well as more recent exploits. With humour as his weapon of choice, Foy establishes facts and dispels myths, as he interweaves his experiences with sociological observations of the times. Along with notorious performers Thug, familiar entities including The Cruel Sea, Clouds, Steve Kilbey, Beasts of Bourbon, Deniz Tek and Kim Salmon are revealed in a wealth of previously unseen images. Specially featured photographers include Tony Mott, Linda Nolte, Geoff Aitken, Tom Takas, Kim Sandeman, Russell Kilbey and Stephen Best, among others.


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