Ephemerality is all Very Well: Portraits
of Rowland S Howard: Tony Clark and Lyndal Walker

Ephemerality is all very well: portraits of Rowland S. Howard (published by Art Ink) is a collaborative publication between Australian visual artists Tony Clark and Lyndal Walker. Both artists missed the opportunity to make portraits of the late Rowland S. Howard, guitarist and songwriter with The Birthday Party, while he was still alive. The book commemorates the legendary musician and muses on grief – for Howard, who died in 2009, and for other kinds of loss – mortality, and the infatuation of teen adoration, precariously dependent on the mystique of their idols. In this publication, Tony Clark and Lyndal Walker present an ode to Rowland S. Howard’s influence on both the artists’ themselves and on a wider cultural level. This volume was published upon the 10th anniversary of Howard’s passing on 30th December 2009.



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