Adderton: house & heart of mercy Reopens

Soon after opening its doors in August 2019, Adderton: house & heart of mercy was forced to close due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now, after almost a year, it has reopened to the public. Located in one of Queensland’s oldest surviving residencies, the cultural space’s program focuses on justice and social issues as explored through contemporary art, workshops and events. Reopening programs include #KnowledgeKeepers, which presents a possum skin map highlighting four significant Inala Elders and their stories, and He | She | They | Them | Us, a collaborative work from Aha Ensemble, Daniele Constance and Phluxus2 Dance that invites visitors to actively reflect on how they think about others. #KnowledgeKeepers and He | She | They | Them | Us continue at Adderton: house & heart of mercy until April 18, 2021.

NOTE: The dates provided are current and speculative. Many Australian and international arts organisations remain closed in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. Please refer to institutional websites for further details.

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