John Gerrard

John Gerrard has released the first ever NFT of his iconic artwork Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas) (2017). Gerrard’s environmental NFT artwork has been launched through in support of the emergency Cryptofund for Climate and Soil Regeneration. Marking the first ‘SuperNeutral’ NFT, Western Flag (NFT) is a unique 1.8k x 1.8k sequence derived from Gerrard’s solar simulation. The NFT iteration calls upon the initial artwork’s legacy, which was commissioned for Earth Day 2017 by Channel4, UK as a TV hack – the work became an icon of climate change protest that was shared worldwide in the form of digital clips and stills. In its current incarnation, this iconic work represents a more literal kind of climate activism, with 50% of ethereum (a form of cryptocurrecy) proceeds from the work’s sale to go to, a cryptofund founded by Gerrard in partnership with a collective of creators including, artists, farmers, thinkers, organisers and families. From there, proceeds will be transferred directly and transparently to biological and regenerative farmers and organisations.

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