A History of Forgetting: Alex Seton

Both collective and personal memory have been a strong influence in the work of Sydney-based artist Alex Seton. His upcoming exhibition A History of Forgetting expands on these meditations as he grapples with the passing of time through a series of new marble sculptures, photography, video works and original music. Through his art, Seton implores us to share stories and experiences of the past while acknowledging the often humorous fallibility of memory. Beyond the personal, Seton also laments the blank pages and lies that riddle Australia’s history books, showing an astute awareness of the dually therapeutic and oppressive potential of memory. A History of Forgetting: Alex Seton will run at Tweed Regional Gallery from February 11 to April 17, 2022.


NOTE: The dates provided are current and speculative. Many Australian and international arts organisations remain closed in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. Please refer to institutional websites for further details.

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