Helen Redmond

Tonal, textural and discerning, Helen Redmond’s paintings express a deep understanding of architecture, modernism and the relationship between form and space. Redmond’s paintings are not literal portraits of interiors; rather, the artist often departs entirely from the likeness of structures in lieu of her own negotiations with colour theory, architecture, design and light, conjuring a more symbolic idea of space and the forces of interiors. Trained as a journalist and interior designer, Redmond’s decades-long experience working closely with architectural photographers was formative in unlocking her fascination with light and space. Since training at the National Art School, this intersection is now a central focus in her painting practice. “Brutalist architecture is misunderstood as a harsh monument,” Redmond notes, “but at play upon hard surfaces is the transience of light and the delicacy of shifting colour.” Redmond’s meticulous and detailed studio process attempts to capture this by layering sheer veils of colour and subtle details of texture, a lengthy process that invites haptic understanding. Her solo exhibition titled The Solidarity of Fragile Things at Otomys demonstrates the artist’s enduring interest in rendering and conceptually considering modernist forms. The exhibition is on show at Otomys from June 16 to 30, 2022.


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