Belem Lett’s Meadow

Belem Lett’s new exhibition, Meadow, at James Makin Gallery (until February 19, 2023) expands on the artist’s exploration of gestural abstract painting, particularly the play of light and colour on the pictorial plane. Specifically, Lett took as his starting point Einstein’s hypothetical experiment pondering what it might look like to travel along a beam of light. This solo exhibition sees the inclusion of subtle refinements, such as the use of aluminium finishes to approximate a depiction of the fracturing of white light from the sun into the visible spectrum. Here, the ‘meadow’ is a conceptual space, where light appears dappled, shimmering, flickering – as though in a meadow. The show follows on from Lett winning both the Omnia Art Prize and the Kangaroo Valley Art Prize in 2022 as well as being a finalist in the Sir John Sulman Prize, Waverly Art Prize, Fishers Ghost Prize, Lake Valley Art Prize, Grace Cossington Smith Prize and the Mossman Art Prize.

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