Camie Lyons

Camie Lyons’ new body of work, Undulations, was created in her new studio on the South Coast of New South Wales, the beaches of which underpin the artworks. The coastal landscape runs through the solo exhibition at Scott Livesey Galleries, having inspired Lyons’ processed-based practice. Her work embodies the water as much as the water in turn embodies expansion, release, time and language. The abstract bronze-cast sculptural and painted constituents of Undulations are simple in both form and colour, emphasising movement and making the ephemeral permanent. The exhibition runs at Scott Livesey Galleries’ space on Prahran’s High Street Until June 10, 2023.

NOTE: The dates provided are current and speculative. Many Australian and international arts organisations remain closed in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions. Please refer to institutional websites for further details.

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