nightshifts explores the significance of solitude in contemporary art practice. By delving into the realm of the ‘after hours,’ the exhibition metaphorically represents the work and contemplation that takes place beneath the surface, away from the public eye. Combining works from the Michael Buxton and University of Melbourne Collections with new commissions, including one by Lisa Sammut, nightshifts offers a reflective contrast to the prevalent themes of collaboration and hyper-visibility in contemporary art. The showcased artists depict the natural cycles and varying conditions of solitary work, ranging from introspective states to moments of quiet and rest. Through an exploration of deep listening and singular focus, the featured works emphasise the power of solitude to sharpen perception and unveil hidden aspects. Curated by Hannah Presley and Annika Aitken, the exhibition features a diverse line up of artists, including Lindy Lee, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Peter Booth, Louise Weaver, Tracey Moffatt and many more. nightshifts continues until October 29, 2023.

IMALENNOX STACMIACCA MelbourneMCA Roslyn Oxley Gallery