The Intimate Resistance: Mike Parr’s Performances 1971–2023

The Bogotá Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO) is hosting the first-ever exhibition of Australian artist Mike Parr’s complete works in Colombia and South America. Parr is renowned as a pioneer of performance art, and his radical and challenging work pushes the boundaries of the medium within the parameters of art history and theory. The exhibition, La resistencia íntima: performances 1971–2023 (The Intimate Resistance: Performances 1971–2023), features over one hundred and twenty works spanning five decades, including videos, installations, prints and slide shows. It showcases Parr’s exploration of space, time, resistance, memory and representation, often involving bodily fluids and acts of extreme resistance. The exhibition continues until September 24, 2023 before travelling to the Fondazione Morra in Naples, Italy.

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