Thin Skin

Thin Skin is an exhibition curated by Jennifer Higgie, featuring contemporary and historical paintings by Australian and international artists. Exploring the boundary between figuration and abstraction, the exhibition delves into the concept of ‘thin skin’ as a metaphor for various borders and thresholds in life. The term encompasses the delicate separation between body, mind and environment, as well as the realms of reason and unreason, consciousness and unconsciousness, laughter and weeping. The selected artists employ diverse approaches, incorporating elements of absurdity, slapstick, parody and dreamlike logic to examine their own identities and relationships with the world. Additionally, the exhibition embraces the idea of ‘thin places’, locations with a peculiar energy that bridges the earthly and the divine. The show features work by 36 artists, including renowned names like Tracey Emin, Sidney Nolan and Jennifer Packer. Thin Skin continues until September 23, 2023.

LENNOX STACMIACCA MelbourneMCA Roslyn Oxley Gallery IMA